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Yogishri Sudarshan Kannan


Yogishri is a world renowned philosopher, spiritual master and management exponent. He has a multi-faceted background in diverse fields like vedanta, management, psychology, mathematics, yoga and music. He has dedicated his life towards full time research of philosophy and spirituality. Engrossed in spirituality for three decades now, he serves one and all through his sessions and guidance.

For the past twenty five years Yogishri has conducted regular discourses based on various ancient scriptural texts, thus inspiring people to experience life in totality and progress towards their ultimate purpose. His talks are soul-stirring and well received worldwide. A unique feature of his lectures is the practical application of ancient wisdom in the modern context.

His interactive sessions and individual guidance have solved the personal problems of many and provided them with a sense of direction in life. Being a graduate in mathematics his approach is very methodic and logical. His clarity of presentation and articulation in expression have attracted people from all walks of life.

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Yogishri’s unique contribution to the corporate world is his transformative seminars. Organizations world over have approached him for regular CXO and senior management level workshops.

A significant aspect of his sessions is that he provides an opportunity to pause and think liberally so as to enhance personal growth and rise to higher levels of perfection. His emphasis is on creating a long-term effect in an individual instead of providing mere quick-fix solutions – a permanent cure rather than a temporary relief.

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Yogishri Sudarshan Kannan is a master of yoga. His emphasis is not on mere physical exercises per se, but on tapping the inherent powers of the mind and using them to transform one’s life. He has revived the secrets of Yoga Sankirtan® through his remarkable musical compositions aimed at complete rejuvenation of one’s personality using the ancient science of cosmic sound vibrations.

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