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You have infinite powers within you!

Life transforming weekly discourses


~manual of life~

Eternal Wisdom in Practical Living

The ancient scriptures of India hold deep secrets on the ways of life and living. Join us, as Yogishri a Renowned Philosopher, Spiritual Master and Management Exponent who has dedicated his life to the full time research of spirituality, imparts the wisdom of the ancients in the modern context.

Audio CDs

Yoga Sankirtan audio CDs – The first of it’s kind!

Complete healing of Body, Mind & Soul.

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Full videos of discourses by Yogishri Sudarshan Kannan.

Deep insights for total life transformation.

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Bhagavad Gita Weekly Discourses & other seminars.

Special empowerment sessions.

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Short Videos

Video Clips from discourses, seminars and retreats.

Inspirational nuggets of wisdom.

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Yoga Sankirtan Audio CDs – The first of it’s kind

Yoga Sankirtan is an ancient mystical art of meditation and self-healing wherein sound vibrations are used to create specific patterns of energy which causes complete healing of the body, mind and soul.