The past, in the present

Yogishri shared a very interesting observation with the sadhaks. It was something so common that is there right in front of our eyes, something that we practise but we fail to see. With regard to traditions, practices and knowledge of the past, Yogishri explained that we have a strong sense of value for them, we appreciate it but we fail to apply it in the present

To follow your culture, is no doubt good but what is more important is to adapt and apply the eternal principles in your present practical life. Highlighting the need for one to apply and follow this, Yogishri warned that if one fails to do this and only clings on to the traditions due to an unreasonable value for the past, one will get stuck with the externalities.

“The Yogic way is to take the values of the past and apply it to your present”

“Per se following the past does not make you spiritual. Are you connected to the Infinite. That is the question”

Jivatma and Paramatma

“Arjuna is speaking to Krishna. How is it relevant to your life now” asked Yogishri. He explained that Arjuna represents the Jivatma while Lord Krishna represents the Paramatma. Arjuna’s collapse on the battlefield represents your Jivatma’s fall from the grand Infinite state.

“Jivatma represents you, the individual. You are now disconnected from the Infinite”. “Arjuna seeking wisdom from Lord Krishna represents the effort to get back to the supreme state”, he declared.

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