Like an ocean

Speaking on true knowledge, ignorance and humility, Yogishri explained that an enlightened person with the true Infinite wisdom is indeed like an ocean. Not stuck or limited by any specific path or its adherence, such a person will freely adapt and modify their ways and message according to the nature of the person seeking from them.

The more you know, the more you come to know of what

you don’t know.

A seemingly contradictory statement, Yogishri sought to make each and every sadhak wake up and think. He explained the difference between an expert and an ordinary person in simple terms. An expert in any field never stops learning. The more knowledge you gain, the more you come to know of the depths of your ignorance and how much there is to learn.

“When you know that there is so much to know, you will be inspired to learn further and know more”, Yogishri said.

“From the known, you move to the unknown and then to the unknowable”

In order to reach that Infinite state, Yogishri explained in practical terms that one need not change one’s lifestyle but should just learn to focus on one’s own field and move towards becoming an expert in it. Follow your own natural flow, your Swadharma. Each person is different, become original. Gather all your dissipated energy and focus it to attain yoga or union with the Infinite.

“Originality is just being yourself”

The Sadhana

Yogishri asked the sadhaks to do sadhana steadfastly on the path to enlightenment. Do not focus on the negative things and become judgmental of yourself.

He delivered a powerful, inspiring statement as he concluded this thought “If you have decided to do sadhana regularly, at some point you will get what you seek”

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