Awakening the Infinite powers from within

The siddhas and sages of yore used Yoga Sankirtan as a tool to purify themselves and raise their consciousness to the highest realm of peace and tranquillity. Yogishri Sudarshan Kannan, a renowned philosopher, spiritual master and himalayan yogi, has revived this ancient practice of Yoga Sankirtan and presented it in a simplified way so that everyone can benefit and transform their lives.


• Release of accumulated stress

• Intra-cellular healing

• Freedom from emotional blocks

• Enhanced concentration

• Goal achievement through mind mastery


• Powerful Yoga Sankirtan meditation sessions

• Yogic breathing to maximise self-healing

• Practical tips for purification through interactive forum

Programme details


Nirvana Shatkam

Experience the explosive inner silence

Date – 29th March 2019

Session time – 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm


Shri Hari Dhyana

The ultimate yogic trance of Lord Vishnu

Date – 30th March 2019

Session time – 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


MahaShiva Dhyana

Multi-dimensional purification

Date – 31st March 2019

Session time – 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Venue :  R.R.Sabha, 30/1, Sundareswarar St., Mylapore, Chennai

Course fee : Rs. 4500 per participant

Contact: +91 99625 39175 | 99406 41531 | 99627 99988

Yogishri Sudarshan Kannan

Yogishri is a Renowned Philosopher, Spiritual Master and Management Exponent with a multi-faceted background in diverse fields like psychology, management, yoga, vedanta, mathematics and music. Engrossed in spirituality, he serves one and all through his sessions and guidance.

His teachings are backed by three decades of full-time research on ancient wisdom and its practical application in day-to-day living. His regular discourses based on various ancient scriptural texts have inspired people to experience life in totality and progress towards their ultimate purpose. His sessions are soul-stirring and well received worldwide.

Being a master of yoga, his emphasis is not on mere physical exercises per se, but on tapping the inherent powers of the mind and using them to trans form one’s life. He has revived the secrets of Yoga Sankirtan® through his remarkable musical compositions aimed at complete rejuvenation of one’s personality using the ancient science of cosmic sound vibrations.

Yogishri is the founder of Infinite Wings® which primarily aims at serving humanity by imparting the wisdom of life in a systematic way to help people from all walks of life.