As Lord Krishna reveals the powerful secrets of Sankhya Yoga to Arjuna on the battlefield, it is indeed a lesson, a teaching for each one of us. Every single word of the Gita is used with the utmost deliberation and has deep wisdom embedded inside. As Yogishri delved deeper into verse 47 today, a whole new dimension emerged.

‘Hetuh’. One single word that had the sadhaks at the edge of their seats as Yogishri explained how Lord Krishna is urging all to focus on the source of our action, why we are performing that action. Yogishri explained that in our current state, our source of action is unhappiness, agitation, and stress. It is with the hope to rid ourselves of this unhappiness, to fill a void or lacuna that we act and end up worsening the problem than resolving it. He explained how one must be content, happy and then act. Happiness, he said, has to be the source of our actions. The very nature of action then changes completely.

Following this up with a shot of direct, practical guidance, Yogishri asked the sadhaks to observe oneself keenly and see if we have complaints in any aspect of life. “As you perform regular sadhana, work towards fixing this lacuna or void” he added.

Concluding the thought, Yogishri gave a very direct message to the audience. “If you want to be happy, it is now or never. The greatest seva you can do to humanity is to be happy and spread cheer” he said, as the discourse came to an end.

The sadhaks, brimming with the energy and wisdom from the Gita, joined in, sang and reveled in the ‘Mangala Giridhara’ sankirtan, which concluded with a powerful meditation and special breathing techniques as part of the preparation process for the 3 day Yoga Sankirtan empowerment session that begins in a few weeks.