Yogishri often says that it is important for the youth of today to imbibe and practise the crux of the Ancient Wisdom, to learn how to live life with grandeur and joy. It was thus very inspiring to see 100+ youth at the Stuttgart University throng the auditorium for Yogishri’s interaction on ‘Ancient Wisdom for Success’.

What are the secrets of success? How does one achieve what one wants in life? Yogishri answered these questions with his sharp logic, humour and wit, as the crowd absorbed what was being expounded. Defining a few ingredients of success, Yogishri covered the principles of Time mastery, Interactional mastery, and Self-mastery.

The multi-ethinic audience, all sitting engaged and absorbed, were in no mood to leave the venue as they bombarded Yogishri with questions and doubts, all eager to delve deeper and learn more. To a question on how one can stay in the present? Yogishri explained about deep rooted impressions within us that makes us swerve to the past and future and further highlighted how Yoga Sankirtan as a sadhana can empower one to achieve the goal of keeping the mind in the present.

The audience further asked questions on how to remain unaffected by challenges when things go wrong in the world outside and how to reconcile planning ahead with the mind remaining in the present always and not slipping into the future. Yogishri explained the nature of an individual, of the mind as he gave practical directions and points along with the ancient wisdom while answering them.  For the want of time, the session had to be wrapped up as the questions continued from the enthusiastic audience well beyond time, even after extending by 30 mins.

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