The ancient wisdom is the wisdom of life and living. It teaches us who we are truly and how we need to go about interacting with every single aspect of the world. What better audience to learn, absorb and grasp this wisdom from Yogishri than the young minds gathered at the Stanford University.

The curious group of students and staff, a mix of multiple nationalities, gathered together at Stanford with the single goal of understanding and exploring what this wisdom is all about. As Yogishri began his speech, they knew it was something special.

Yogishri’s powerful interaction consisted of him expounding the science of success, inner cheer, happiness and of self-mastery. Interspaced with stories, examples, and quotes, Yogishri’s session was all about how clear and practical can this ancient wisdom be made. Describing this journey as one that awakens one’s true inner powers, the audience was hooked onto the words and their deep inner meaning as a barrage of questions followed, extending the session into the evening much more than what was planned. The highlight of it all was the 30 minutes of deep and powerful meditation experience that the audience gently slid into, as Yogishri’s words with the Infinite energy combined, made every single one of them go within themselves, to the very core.

Stopping for the want of time, Yogishri gave the students at Stanford the way forward on this journey of self-discovery.

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