Having listened to Yogishri explaining verse 47 in detail last week, sadhaks were in for a grand surprise today as a completely new dimension to the verse was revealed. Beginning the discourse by explaining how one should not compare the journey on the spiritual path with that of others, Yogishri explained how each one is different and how their needs and the experiences are different too.

It was then that Yogishri took the discourse to another dimension as it were. The sadhaks, who were listening intently and responding to the words of Yogishri, sat stunned at the depth of wisdom that was being shared. Having explained aspects that are under our control and that which aren’t, Yogishri explained the word Karman with regards to the facets of time. The past, present and the future. He explained how neither the past, that is dead as it were nor the future, that is unborn, is currently under our control. And it is in this that we expend our energies on the most. Yogishri urged the sadhaks to focus on what exists now, the present. “Enlightenment is being in the present 100%”, he said, as he narrated a short zen story that captured the essence of this thought.

He concluded the discourse with a blast of powerful wisdom, as he explained how, in the cause and effect cycle, the cause does not produce the effect but effort of the causes becomes the effect itself. He gave the example of a seed becoming a tree to highlight the thought beautifully. He urged the sadhaks to observe oneself in totality, to be aware of every single aspect as sadhana. The session ended with the ‘Shyam re’ sankirtan as the entire auditorium joined in and merged gently into a deep meditation at the end.