The Sacred Significance

The general concept of what Guru Purnima means to us is that of a particular day in which we honour our Gurus. Yogishri explained to the sadhaks that while this is not wrong, it is at the superficial level. He delved into the Yogic significance of Guru Purnima, sharing the subtlest of truths and the deepest of significance.

Purnima means Full Moon. So why is it called Guru Purnima then?

From the form to the formless

The Sun represents the grand Guru Tatva, that shines its divine rays to illuminate the world. The moon represents the form of the guru. So when you bow down to the form of the Guru, you are supposed to bow down to the Guru Tatva that illuminates its Infinite radiance through the Guru like how the sun illuminates the moon.

The real meaning of Guru Purnima is the recognition of the Guru Tatva. It is to move from the identification with the form to formless Guru Tatva. 

“When you indeed get connected to the Guru Tatva, your spiritual evolution will be very fast”

Yin and Yan

The solar energy within you is that of heat, action while the lunar energy cools you down. The yogic sadhana is divided into meditation on the sun and the moon. So too is the physical part of Yoga . The asanas in the mornings are for awakening the Surya prana and in the evening for the Chandra prana. While they are balanced, one is healthy physically, with their thoughts, emotions and also grows spiritually. Yogishri explained how the Himalayan Rishis had the ability to control these two energies at will. These two energies are what is depicted in the Chinese system of philosophy as the Yin and the Yan

“You need to awaken and balance the energies of the sun (surya) and the moon (chandra) within”

The sadhaks then were blessed with a special meditation session that took them deep into the layers of their own personality as the vibrations from Yogishri’s powerful chants instantly took everyone into a very deep state of meditation, a state of intense healing as the layers of negativities, impressions and karmas were broken.

With hours feeling just like minutes, the sadhaks awoke from the meditative state, fresh and brimming with positive energy, as they lined up and individually recieved Guru prasad from a resplendent and smiling Yogishri.

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