“If you want to come out of the darkness of illusion, you need to awaken the light of Guru Shakti from within.”

Guru is the one who brings in light amidst darkness. The dispeller of darkness. A Guru is a symbol who guides you to the Guru Shakti within.

Till you reach the state of Infinite bliss and happiness,your mind will not be calm as you are in the process of experimentation in the laboratory of life. Currently we know of the five Tatvas (elements) , but there are seven. The sixth is the Guru Tatva , the Shakti behind these elements and then the seventh one is the Parama Tatva, the Infinite. But during the process of life, we get distracted with the five elements alone and forget our real purpose, to reach and merge with the Infinite Divinity. Thus lying in a state of darkness, ignorance.

The significance of Guru Purnima

Purnima means full moon. The Moon doesn’t have its own light . It reflects the light of the Sun to negate the darkness . The Sun is like the Guru Tattva while the Moon is the form of the Guru, the form gets the energy from the Infinite source.

The Ultimate Sadhana of Guru Purnima is to move from the form (Moon) to the Infinite source (Sun). It is not enough to merely interact with the master superficially, we shouldn’t get stuck with the form. A true master will guide us to getting connected with the Infinite energy within.

The Guru Shakti is ever present. Through every experience of pleasure and sorrow, the Guru Shakti is trying to teach us a lesson. We need to increase our receptivity in order to learn and grow.

The Master’s Message

Yogishri encouraged the Sadhaks to deepen the Sadhana. Deepen the connection with the Guru Shakti. To be humble and grateful to our parents for our physical birth and to one’s Guru for the spiritual birth and wisdom that has been bestowed.

On the Infinite formless reality, Deivam (God), Yogishri urged the sadhaks to bloom like a lotus, to experience life like how a lotus leaf is in water constantly but water never affects it, it skims of its surface. Similarly, he urged the sadhaks to experience and acquire everything in life, but not get enmeshed in it and forget the real purpose of life, to raise above this all and become one with the Infinite Divinity.

The chanting of Guru Stotram and the special guided Guru Purnima meditation by Yogishri was very powerful and took the Sadhaks to the next level. It gave the Sadhaks a major push to awaken the Guru Shakti within to enlighten, guide and strengthen us.

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