The Infinite Silence

The simplest of words and verses end up having the most profound of meanings and truths. Yogishri today posed an interesting question to the sadhaks. He asked them where the vedas come from. While different answers came from different directions, Yogishri with a smile explained that while every single master including Lord Krishna attributed the source to their masters in an endless divine lineage, what these gurus gave out is what they heard as it were, when they went deep inside themselves, to the Infinite core.

“It is the inner shruthi”, Yogishri said. “In the depths of sadhana, the vedas or the Infinite wisdom will be revealed, not from any external source, but from within”

The 4 stages of sound

The sound that we hear, even the highest of the mantras are but expressions of the subtler vibrations that are within. Yogishri explained this further as he described the 4 stages of sound, each more subtler than the other

The 4 stages, he described were:

  • Vaikhari – The gross aspect of sound that we hear
  • Madhyama
  • Pashyanthi
  • Paravani – The subtlest sound, the Infinite silence

It is the silence that manifests as Vibrations or Nadha, that further becomes the physical sound that we hear.

“Purification happens at the deeper levels. If you want to become a Yogi, go deep in meditation and experience the vibrations”

This thought was concluded by Yogishri with the beautiful explanation of the story of Lord Shiva and his musical instrument, the damaru. As the damaru is played by Lord Shiva during his cosmic dance, what comes out is not languages or words or even sounds but the most divine of powerful vibrations, which then become sounds, words and languages.

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