Mohakalilam: The Quagmire of Delusion

When you contact the world, your consciousness comes down from its Infinite stature, a state described as Moha. While every single contact with the Guru, pushes your consciousness up towards its original stature, as you gain the powers of the Infinite.

Yogishri described this state of Moha as he explained how each and every one of us are stuck at various levels. Some with money, some fame, some religion or even with the personality of the Guru itself. The danger with the consciousness being stuck with anything is the lack of ability to think beyond it. For example, when one’s consciousness is stuck in money, they are bound to see everything with a business angle. Even the relationship with family members will be seen through the tint of giving and getting back from them. 

Symptoms of Moha

But how does one identify if one is caught up in moha? What are the symptoms?

The fundamental symptom of being caught up in delusion is moving away from the centre and going to the extremes. Even in the case of a relationship with the Guru, one can get attached to the form and stop efforts in one extreme or relate in a merely intellectual way like a business transaction in the other.

In this month of Guru Purnima, Yogishri urged the sadhaks to become more effective students and benefit maximum. He explained it with a beautiful example. “If your identification is with Chennai, Chennai can either be the boundary of your identification or the centre from which it spreads.

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