“Good and bad cannot exist without each other”

Yogishri began the discourse at the Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan on 26th May by explaining the relative nature of these two terms and cautioned the sadhaks against being judgemental and reacting to situations superficially.

He explained how the Infinite principle of Guru Tatva is constantly trying to teach us through every single experience. We end up missing the crux of this lesson by being caught up in judging the experience as good or bad and lamenting why such a thing has happened in case of a bad one.

“Every negative experience is a blessing for you. Some Karma is getting released. But the moment we react negatively to it, the cycle of negativity snowballs into bigger proportions.”

So what is the solution for this?

Before this question could even cross the minds of the sadhaks, Yogishri firmly answered the same. “Do Sadhana. Burn the bulk of Karmas”, he said, explaining how these karmas can be burnt up even before they manifest.