You have infinite powers within you!

Kaya Tatva (Wisdom of the Body)

Level 1 – Basic & Advanced

Life transforming weekly discourses


~manual of life~

Eternal Wisdom in Practical Living

Kaya Tatva (Wisdom of the Body)

Level 1 – Basic & Advanced

23rd December to 26th December 2017

Audio CDs

Yoga Sankirtan audio CDs – The first of it’s kind!

Complete healing of Body, Mind & Soul.

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Full videos of discourses by Shri. Sudarshanji.

Deep insights for total life transformation.

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Bhagavad Gita Weekly Discourses & other seminars.

Special empowerment sessions.

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Short Videos

Video Clips from discourses, seminars and retreats.

Inspirational nuggets of wisdom.

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Yoga Sankirtan Audio CDs – The first of it’s kind

Yoga Sankirtan is an ancient mystical art of meditation and self-healing wherein sound vibrations are used to create specific patterns of energy which causes complete healing of the body, mind and soul.